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How does Sendgomail work?

Sendgomail allows you to connect your own SMTP servers to send emails. It is simple yet powerful tool that connects with 50+ SMTPs for delivering your emails.

Who is Sendgomail for?

Sendgomail is for anyone who wants to send beautiful campaigns. It connects easily with your SMTP server, so you don't have to change anything. Just signup, add your SMTP server, design your campaign and go. That's it!!

Sendgomail is going to change email marketing and set up campaigns forever. It's a product that is built to increase open rates, click rates and deliver maximum quality and efficiency to your business by adding multiple SMTP servers.

Customer Review

Awesome, finally I am getting my mails delivered, clicked, and opened each time. Sendgomail is one of the best in its class. Five star from my side.

Blaze Edward

My main purpose to use an email marketing tool is to reach out the customers all around the world and Sendgomail is working exactly the same way I wanted.


My experience is all good and so far I like this tool very much.


I am very much happy with the tool as I am getting fabulous results with Sendgomail. My emails got delivered on time and getting awesome open rates.